Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I go and look at a gorenje product, I want to see one before I buy?

Please visit CANADA Distributor to find your nearest gorenje retailer. Although we can not determine exactly what products each retailer has on display or in stock, we suggest you give them a quick call before you visit. Our centre of excellence retailers have the most gorenje appliances on display, so we suggest you try those first.

2. How long is my guarantee for the product I have just purchased?

You retailer should have informed you on the length of the guarantee, but if you are still unsure you can check the products on our web site or in our brochure to determine the length of your guarantee, or call us on 905-829-3980. The guarantee will either be 2 years or 5 years. We currently have a promotion that offers a 5 year guarantee on some appliances.

3. Do I have to register my appliance?

Yes you do, you can do this either via your retailer or over the phone by calling 905-829-3980. We also ask you to keep your proof of purchase too.

4. Where do I find the model number, ART and serial details for my product?

This information is on every appliances we sell, but can vary on where it is located. To find out the right information please call CANADA Distributor.

5. How do I report a fault?

You can purchase your appliance safe in the knowledge that full back up is provided in the unlikely event that your product develops a fault during its free guarantee period. If your appliance does develop a fault please call our ased service center on 905-829-3980 where a fully trained member of staff will take your call. Please ensure you have the following details available when reporting a fault; Model, Serial Number and ART number, along with Date of Purchase and your contact details together with a description of the fault.

7. Can I provide feedback on my service?

Feedback on the after sales service you have received can be given by the following methods, email or write to the following address:


39822 Belgrave Road

Belgrave, ON N0G 1E0

Call: 1-888-246-7365

8. My Manual is missing, where can I get a new one?

You can either email us at or you can find the instruction manuals on the specific product pages.

9.Is it possible to order spare parts and accessories?

Yes it is. To order spares or accessories please email us at or call 1-888-246-7365.

10.How exactly do I pronounce Gorenje?

Good question. We have had many interesting ways of pronouncing our name, but the correct way is 'Gor-enn-ya'.


Q: What cycle should I use?

Average use should select the ‘auto’ wash program. The machine will fill water based on the weight of clothes in the machine and adjust washing cycles and time to match the load. The machine will adjust the length of the cycle while in motion to adapt to the laundry load. This mode defaults to about 1:45 based on significant factory testing but tends to average around 1:10.

Q: How long does a cycle take?

There are different modes, spin speeds, water temperatures, and cycle intensities that can be selected. The quickest effective wash should be around 50 minutes, but different modes can take up to 3.5 hours if desired. If the machine senses that expelled water is not clear enough, it may elect to go through an additional rinse cycle which would increase the wash time. This helps to ensure all impurities are removed resulting in detergent free clothes designed to be acceptable to the most sensitive skin. Also, note that these machines fill with cold water to help prevent stains from setting into clothes. Starting with cold water and gradually heating up is proven to help dislodge stubborn stains and provide the greatest wash quality and results. While this is highly effective and desirable, it does take time to heat the water up if you opt for a high heat wash.

Q: How much laundry can I put in this washer?

European laundry works most effectively when the drum is full. The general rule of thumb is about 7kg worth of dry laundry, the rough equivalent of a full laundry basket.

Q: What soap should I use?

A powdered detergent, with high efficiency and low sudsing qualities. We recommend brands like Forever New or Persil, but any cold-wash detergent promoting the above will provide great results.

Q: I've heard that front-load machine can start to smell?

This is an issue that has been resolved in modern manufacturing as a result of water lingering in the rubber seal of the door. If you do notice an undesirable scent, simply run an empty wash cycle with detergent and select the ‘sterile tub’ setting to create a high-heat wash that will eliminate any residual water odor or bacteria. Any high-heat wash will do this naturally during a standard cycle.

Why do European washing machines take longer than products built in other parts of the world?

Gorenje, specifically, uses reverse tumble action in the washing cycles to help reduce the knotting and wrinkling of clothes. The transition from forward to backward naturally has a stopping point which increases wash load time incrementally each time it transitions. These machines then have the option to ramp up to as much as 1400RPM in order to expel as much moisture from the clothes as possible to reduce the drying time. These factors combined with additional rinsing to remove residual particulate can increase the total wash time, but also directly increases the quality of the wash.

Gorenje Condensations Dryer - FAQ'S

Q: What cycle should I use?

Normal is your go-to everyday mode. The machine will sense residual moisture and stop the drying cycle when clothes are deemed to be ready for standard closet storage. This mode is the sweet spot between wrinkled and not wrinkled, dry without being forceful on the clothes, and still have minimal residual moisture content. Choose Iron mode for slightly damp clothes, which will make ironing out wrinkles very easy. Choose Extra dry to make sure clothes are over-dried and ready to be folded and put away. If you have a specified time instead, choose the minutes between 30/60/90 and the machine will run at full drying capacity for that duration. This is often best for a very small load and overrides factory or sensor settings.

Q:Why does a drying cycle take longer than I am use to?

Condensation dryers, versus the almost obsolete and previous technology of vented dryers, use energy-efficient low wattage heating elements and natural rotational force combined with cool fan-forced air to delicately dry your clothes. This mimics an outdoor clothesline, as opposed to baking them dry like a toaster. The air runs through easy to clean filters that catch residual lint or clothing particulate from leaving the machine which allows the Dryer’s air to enter the laundry room, as opposed to venting hot and particulate filled air out into the atmosphere, which is a leading cause of the escalating greenhouse effect in our world. Make no mistake; this dryer is helping preserve our delicate world one laundry load at a time.

Q: How big of a load can I do?

No bigger than your wash load. Tumble dryers need extra space in the drum to allow clothes to tumble around and dry.

Q: How can I choose how damp or dry I want my clothes?

This might take a bit of trial and error to find the exact cycle that works perfectly for your specific needs, but personal experience in the machine I use in my own home is that ‘Iron Dry’ is my favourite setting. Clothes come out dry enough, reduce the ‘pilling’ effect, and let the machine use its sensors to tell me when it thinks the clothes are ready and has a slight residual moisture content that is perfect for ironing my work shirts. If desired to have a clothes dryer, then go up to ‘Normal’. If you have towels or anything heavier that does not need any post-laundry maintenance, ‘Extra-Dry’ will make sure there is no residual moisture allowing for immediate storage.

Q: Additional Information

With a 5-year manufacturing warranty to back these machines up, they are designed to be a long-term and reliable partner in your home.
Finding the specific settings that meet your unique needs early on in the product life cycle will yield you years of easy-to-use laundry.
For general use of the standard wash and dry features, you should budget for about an hour and a half per wash or dry load, which is convenient for when it comes time to change your laundry loads over.
For any further questions, we encourage you to contact either of our showrooms in Ontario or BC.